Friday, June 14, 2013

then there were 3....

   So, I am now a mom of 3. And I have to tell you it is not as I thought it would be. I mean I had this image in my head of me looking like a mess cleaning the house all the time, my two boys screaming at me, new baby crying all the time, and just the worst of things. It has been the complete opposite! Mind you it is not all perfect either. But both of my wonderful boys have been quiet a help with the new baby.

    Hailey Helen was born on April 27 at 8:06 she was 6lb 5oz and 18in. She has to be the most calmest baby I have ever seen, she was not crying just looking around and just calm. My labor was well, different. I had been dilated to a 3 for about 3 weeks before I went into labor when I started to have contractions I was at a 4 when we went to the BJACH  and I was admitted about 30 minutes later into a room, They got me my epidural about 43 minutes later and I was so much better after getting that.I started to feel pressure about 5 minutes after that and told my husband he then said okay call the nurse and lets get this started, needless to say he was excited to get his baby girl here. they came in and tried to find her heat beat but couldn't so they wanted to check me when they pulled back the covers she was already out, I didn't push, I had no idea she was there, the doctor and the nurses were so surprised and stunned by it all. But she is healthy and happy.but that is that story.

   Carson is now 3 1/2 and he is doing great he is learning more and more everyday. And tries to help me when he can. Sometimes he can be a little to helpful.:) He loves his sister and wants to take her from me a lot of the time but he knows he is not allowed to so he just sits next to me and gives her kisses and holds her hand. Lately when he watch cartoons he is really into Transformers. and it is great to see him play with his cars and pretend to have them transform. He makes the noise and everything. And when I put it on for him he starts singing the's really cute.      

   Travis is now 22 months old and I can not believe how much he has grown. He is a little copy cat. He loves to do whatever his big brother does. and he just loves his sister, One of my favorite things he does is when i lay her on the ground he loves to cuddle up to her and just look at her with his big smile.I love it!!

   Lance is doing well. We are getting ready for his family to come out and see us. So he is a little stressed about things right now. but it is all good. He is still loving the army. Not fort polk so much but we make the best of it.
   And me, I am good. Loving being a mom still and everyday I learn something new from my kids. They do keep me on my toes. I am almost at my pre pregnancy weight which was 109 I am at 115 last time I checked but I am feeling good. I am not really stressing about the weight to much just because I am more concerned about making sure Hailey is getting all the nutrient she needs. But it does feel nice not to have the big belly. lol Well, I will end on that note and with pictures.


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  1. You guys have such a beautiful family, Ashley and Lance! Carson is so big, and Travis has grown soo much. We want to meet little miss Hailey one day. Miss you! keep us updated :)