Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

It is now the holiday season. YAY! good food, great family, and even better the coming of a new year.
   Thanksgiving was great. Lance was home, Carson loved the food, we saw both sides of the family, and it was just a nice day. I was thinking of what I am thankful for and I have a lot to be thankful for. Like...
My wonderful husband, a healthy child(most of the time), a great family, a roof over my head, great food, and life all together. I am very blessed.

Lance and I have learnd not to leave Carson in his room with baby powder...yeah this is what happends.

Lance is still working at Harbor Freight Tools and is working a lot but he is good at what he does. he has lost a lot of weight, we are hoping that in January he will be able to go to basic.
I am working too. I do the bulitin board for 4-H I like it because I get to do what I want and well it is a good way to get crafty.this is what Novembers looked like.

now that it is the end of November here comes Christmas, Lance and I are doing our own little Christmas this year. We got a  tree( a fake one it is cheaper and not such a mess).But we are excited it will be Carson's first Christmas. Seems like life is going pretty fast. But as Lance always tells me just enjoy it.
Well, this is the end till next time.
Carsons hair all done. haha ^

I was converted to be a UTES fan when I married Lance and well, Carson is one too.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October...what a month

So, it is the end of October. Carson is going to be 1 soon, life really does go by fast.Carson is growing up so fast he is now going up stairs and he can take 3 steps till he falls down, Lance's birthday was on the 29th he is now 20 he said he had a good birthday, I got him a coat for his birthday, and he got an X360 so I would say he had a good day.
Carson and I made him a card and he put a hand print on it for his name.
. Life is going pretty nicely right now. we got our car back! YAY!!  and it gets us from place to another.
Lance has been working a lot of hours lately but it is a good thing,he got a promotions to a team leader and is incharge of the ITC, and ESP's.We hope soon he will be going to basic and start his traning soon.
I found out that I need to get work done on my tooth that has been hurting, but that is going to have to wait for a little bit longer.
Well, there is not much else going on then this so i will just leave with a few pictures.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, it has been about a year and a month that Lance and I have been married. It really does not seem like a year, time just goes by so fast. Well, here is some of what has happend in that year.

September 5, 2009 Lance and I were married.We found out we were going to be parents.We were a little scared but were glad to a have wonderful family. 

In January We were blessed with our little boy Carson. He was born on January 4, 2010. He was 6lb 90z and 18 1/2in long. We both fell in love with him when we saw him.

January 6th Lance got his high school deploma!! YAY Lance! We all were so proud of him. After that he still wanted to go to school so he started to go to MATC for the welding program there.

 In February Lance got a job, and still is working there, at Harbor Fright Tools. He may not always like it but it pays for the bills.At this time he stated to talk to the National Guard.

In March we  met my sister Nicole's little girl Katie.They came out to Utah to bless her in Nate's home ward.We loved being able to see them and hoped to see them soon.
around the end of March Carson got his first tooth.He was not to fussy but he did get double ear infections. that was not fun at all.

When May came Lance was getting ready to take the ASVAB. It is the test that you have to take to get into the Military. The test is a 3 hour long test, not very fun but he did it.He took the test 3 times.
June we started to give Carson foods like carrots. At first he did not want to eat off a spoon, but I did let him play with it till he did about 2 weeks later start to let me feed him with a spoon. And now he loves food.

July 4th Lance blessed Carson on his 6 month birthday. It was a great day indeed.
I was so happy that Lance was able to bless his own son. And Carson looked really cute all dressed in white.
Lance also took Carson swimming for his first time.Carson is a water baby. he loves being in water so much. we took him to a pool and he fell asleep in his little blow up thing. it was funny to watch.

As August came all we could think about was how soon we were going to be going to the temple. We thought to ourself,"has it really been almost a year ?" and we looked at Carson and how much he had grown. Time really does go by fast. And Ryan would be home at the end of the month.

August came and went and here was September. September 5th We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going to Red Lobster. As we sat there waiting for our food to come we talked about how it didn't seem like a year and how much things have changed. But life couldn't be any better. We were sealed in the temple on September 8th 2010. This was the happiest day every.We were now a family foever. on the 10th we got family pictures. it was great to see everyone. and we all looked so good! hah but it was a great month. Jared got his egale presented to him and it was nice to have the whole family together. Carson started to crawl about a few weeks before everyone came out. And his crawl is just funny to watch. but we love him still.

Which leaves me to this month.Carson has been sick but still a tropper. We went to the pumpkin patch and got our pumpkins. Carson Has gotten so big and he is now 9 months old. He loves to talk and has 6 teeth. Lance is going into the Army, and is working hard, and as for me...Life could not be any better. I am loving be a mother. And I have a wonderful husband. And that is what has happened so far.