Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September has been such a great and busy month and we still have 5 days left!
   On the 5th Lance and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We spent it at my parents house in Texas because lance got his leave that he put in. We went to the temple which was great. I am so very blessed to have my wonderful husband, he does so much for our family. And I can't express in words how much he has grown and done for us. I love him so very much.
  Travis is now TWO as on the 23rd. To me it seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. He is such a cute little guy. I love him!! He has the biggest smile and expressions.He loves his brother and sister. Carson and him are like two peas in a pod.
  Carson is a great big brother. I love how close my kids are in age just for this reason. He looks after Travis when we go to the park and anywhere we go. With Hailey he loves to just make her laugh and smile. It fills my heart with joy to see my kids getting alone and happy and know that they love one another.  
  Hailey is now 5 months old. Time really is flying by fast. She is just a happy baby and just calm. She is as everyone says small, and yeah she is but she is healthy and happy. She is now 21in and  12 lbs. she laughs giggles and still does not cry a lot.
  Lance is now in 3rd squad 3 platoon. But he is not sure if he will stay in the same place, it's the army you never really know what to expect so you just take it a step at a time.
  And for me well, I am in a knee brace for a week because my knee gave out on me and it is swollen twice its size after a week now. But I am looking on the positive side which is I could be in a lot more pain and not have insurance(thank you Tricare). Life is good. I am so blessed to have my children and amazing husband with me. I am also very blessed to have such an amazing ward. I love my ward so much, I mean i like my other wards where i have lived but being in the military and having people that know what your going through and everyone just helping one another it is just great, i feel like i have another family. :)