Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the last 3 months....

Where do I begin....
     Well, it is now the end of March. Life is going well. I have met some really great people here on post and in my ward. I love our ward. They have been so helpful to our family and just really supportive. it helps when people know when your hubby is gone and they call just to see if your okay or need anything.
      Carson is now 3!!! and I am so happy that I have him! I love all the little things he does. He is making new friends everywhere we go. And he loves our new puppy. He is still loving being a big brother and is excited to have a sister soon. Last night he tried to potty train Travis...... yeah that was not so much fun to pick up but I know all he is doing it trying to help.
     Travis is well, a little copy cat. He loves to try and do everything that Carson does. It's rather cute. He is still my snuggle bug and loves to show people his smile. I can't believe he will be 2 this year! time really does fly by. We've talked to him about how he will have a sister soon and her name is Hailey, He is becoming a little to clinging when I hold other children he doesn't like it to much but is getting better at it.
    Lance is loving the army still he left for 3 months to go to Florida for training and I am so happy to have him back. The army has changed him but for the better. I love when he comes home and is happy and feels like he is doing something worth his time and that he likes to do.
    Me I am 32 weeks pregnant and really ready  for our little girl to be here. I am loving the army life. It has it's ups and downs but for the most part I love it. I have been asked by some friends if it is hard and how can I stand not knowing what my hubby is doing all day. I can say yes it is hard but I know that no matter what I will stand by my husband 110% with his job and that it has made us better. And I am okay with not knowing everything he does for his job and his day all the time. We both knew that there would be times he couldn't talk to me about what he does or that there would be days he wouldn't come home, or he could be gone for a week or 2 with no contact to me. I am okay with all of this I have no complaints. But life is good.
   I am still trying to get the pictures I took on here but it is not doing what I want it to. I promise I will have some soon. Well, for now this is it.


  1. I love it when you blog! I'm so happy to hear that you're all doing well. Love you guys!