Sunday, December 1, 2013

it's December!!!!

Oh wow I have not written anything for awhile. So here we go....
     The month of November was a crazy busy one but full of fun. We made a trip to Utah and spent some time with family and Chris got married(Chris is lances twin brother). It was great and very cold!!
I was very surprised with how well the kids did in the car with the 24 hour drive for just one way. They did get a little grumpy but we just found a park and played for about 30 min then started back on the road. It was a very beautiful wedding and we had great company.  We also got to see a few old friends, Starri and Andrew, your girls are so cute and we love and miss you guys it was nice to see and catch up on things. Thank you Carma and Ted for letting us stay with you. The kids loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Williams and their uncles and aunt.
 Thanksgiving was fun as well. We went to one of Lance's buddies house and had good food and good people. When we came home the kids and I made brownies and watched a movie then went to bed. it was a good day.
 As for the kids Carson is my sweet,active,daring, and sometimes little turkey.I love how much he cares about Travis and Hailey. He always likes to make sure they are okay and loved. Sometimes he can be a little to helpful but we know he means well.
   Travis is still my cuddle bug and is going through his terrible twos, It is more that he is frustrated that he can't talk all the way. We are getting a  referral to a speech specialist. It is not that he can't talk or wont talk it is more he is having problems with the sounds and stuff like that. He still tries to let us know as much as he can but I would be frustrated too if I couldn't get someone to understand me.
  Hailey is doing well. She is now weighing in at 14lbs and is starting to fit into her 6 month clothes! she is now 7 months. She is our little sun shine and always has a happy smiling face on her. she loves having her brothers next to her and is just so sweet.
 Well, that's about it. I will post pictures later.