Tuesday, August 27, 2013

some of this a lot of that and a pinch of crazy

Oh my the last couple of weeks have been so busy. So here we go....
    I always thought that out of both of my boys Carson was the one that would get the first broken bone, well guess not. Travis has broken his wrist. How you may ask well he is not the most graceful when it comes to walking or running. He tripped on his own feet and landed on his wrist trying to catch himself.  at fist we didn't really think he did anything but fall but when he started to hold his arm close to him I just wanted to make sure he didn't sprain it or anything so lance took him to the er at the BJACH, 3 hours or so later Travis and dad return home with a soft cast of Travis. It was not a full break or anything to serious but we had to wait to see a Doctor that could put a cast on him. about a week later we saw a doctor and they said they needed to re-break his wrist so he would have full movement of it as he gets older.  at this point i was just felt bad for my little boy. But he was  a trooper about it. The cast is now off and he is back to his normal self. Carson has been a helper through this whole thing and been trying to help Travis in anyway he can. I love my boys!!! So blessed to have them.
   Carson is doing well. On Saturday night as we put the kids to bed Carson didn't want to go to bed so he gave lance the stink eye and then pretended to be buzz light year and tried to shot his lazer at lance making the noise and everything. Lance and I tried to not laugh at this and tell him he need to go to bed.
   Hailey is now month. It doesn't feel like that long at all. She is such a calm and sweet little thing. Her brothers just can't get enough of her. They try to help mommy a little to much sometimes but they love her and she loves them. She is now 10 lb. She is growing and is such a happy baby.
        Lance and i are doing well. He got 17 days of leave so it will be nice to just have some time together. We are going to see my little brother. I am so excited!!! :) well that is all for now.

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