Monday, January 9, 2012


What where did Travis go?? hahah

Carson and Lance having fun at Jump On It!

This makes me think of the movie A Christmas Story

Carson and daddy at AppleB's
Carson's Birthday Boy shirt I made him

YAY for being 2!!!

Carson opening his birthday presents!!!
More pictues with my next post. I am trying to get some of Carson and Travis together the ones I do have a bluary

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Birthday Boy/ Holidays

Yesterday was Carson's Birthday! he is 2 years old now. I am so blessed to have him in my life, he is such a sweetheart. I also love that he is talking and learning everyday. Some of the things he is learning not liking to much like, picking his nose and tantrums.But even then I know he will grow out of it. We didn't do to much for his birthday because Travis that morning started showing sings of Pink eye. not fun so we had to cancel what he did have planned and take Travis to the doctor and make sure that Carson does not get it too. But he did get presents. From mom and dad:a keyboard and a Birthday Boy shirt that I made for him Grandma and Grandpa Frost: Cars that make noise Grandma and Grandma Williams: a new outfit and ball Great Grandma Linn: a really cute card. We plan on having his cake tonight because Lance was not home last night so we waited. Next week we are going to take him to Jump on it for a late birthday party.
Christmas was great!! we opened presents though out the day.Lance got me a necklace that is really pretty and a jeweler box and a rob. We being Carson Travis and myself got Lance slippers. and we got Carson a Leap frog Alphabet magnates.
We got to talk and see Lance's twin brother on Christmas He was so happy to see his nephew Travis and could not believe how big Carson has gotten. and We got to talk to my little brother Jared, He was also happy to see his nephews. And My grandma Linn skyped! I was happy to see her and my Great Grandma. we did a group skyp with My sisters and too. It was just a great day!
I am excited for this new year to come there are going to be so many changes that happen this year. Lance leaves in 69 days for basic and Travis will have his last sugery we hope in 2 months or so. I am hoping that Carson will be potty trained in 5 months, he is doing a good job at it now but I am ready for not having to change his and Travis's diapers. :) but yeah this is what is going on so far.  I will post again soon.