Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I am now 21 weeks along.(half way there)  We found out we are having another little BOY!!!! Lance and I are so excited. We have all the stuff for a little boy so we will not have to buy much more which is nice. but yesterday we got out 3rd ultrasound done we have another one in 6 more weeks but with this last one we got to see a 3D ultrasound. and it was pretty awsome. But other then that not a lot is going on, Lance is still working at Harbor Freight and Carson is still growing and getting smarter everyday.well,this is it for now till I post again.
here are some pic. the frist one is me at 20 weeks. the second one is of our little boy the 3D ultrasound and the last one is just another ultrasound picture.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

no master chef, Just a wife and mom.

Lately I have been trying new recipes, I know how to make the basics but I have been getting bored( and sick) of the same old stuff, I am very lucky to have a child that is not to picky about food.and Lance, well...he thinks all of the new food I have been cooking is just great. One dish that I made was Creamy pesto chicken with pasta. Carson LOVED that dish. and I am going to next time make it with less of the Cream of chicken. I am open for any kind of recipe you have them. just post them. Well, I am off to start laundry or get pants on Carson.