Friday, January 3, 2014

As a new year begins.

I got to say that I am excited for this year and thankful for last year. I'm excited to see new things and have changes to come.
Carson will be turning 4 this Saturday. I really can't believe that he is already going to be 4! He has a love for learning, adventure, and his family. I love that he looks after his brother and sister and is willing to help me with things. He is becoming such an independent little guy. He loves playing robots and says that he is bumble bee from transformers.
 Travis is just as active and adventures as Carson. But he is just a little bit more daring and he is only 2. He is  so cute when it comes to Hailey. She will cry and he brings a toy or a blanket to make her happy. He is so very sweet like he always is. We have been looking for a speech therapist for him but haven't had much luck with that, He can talk he just has a hard time with some of the sounds.
 Hailey is now 8 months old and just a cutie pie, she is one of my kids so of cores she is ;), she coos says dada, mama, loves to roll everywhere and loves her brothers. She is still on the small side but she is happy and healthy.
 Lance is looking for a new job as the army is downsizing, he is looking at becoming a firefighter since he has the training for it and then joining the army in a year or so. He loves everything about the army he really does. It is just time for a break.
 And me, I am good. I still love being a mommy,wife, and homemaker. I love teaching the kids about all that I can. I love seeing them figure things out and the joy on their face. I feel so blessed to have all that I do. I really am thankful for everything even the hard times, because without them I wouldn't be thankful for the good stuff.