Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, Lance has been gone 6 days now. I have gotten to talk to him which is nice but I know after Wensday I will not get to talk to him everynight, right now he is as a pre boot camp. and they are learning what to do when they get to basic so they will not get to trouble as much and know their drills and such.He says he is ready to just get basic started and done. He also told me they shaved his head. lol but he is doing well and things are going fine.
I am doing better, it is hard having him gone. I miss him and so does Carson and Travis, but we know it will be great after he is done and better for us.I find it hard to sleep at night but I am getting better. the first night he was gone was the worst, before he left he did get me a really big moose I put lances shirt on it and snuggle with that. I will just be happy when he comes home.
Carson is growing so much, he is now starting to speek full sentences! I am so happy.potty traning is going well too. I am taking it at his pace and will not rush it.He also loves to help a lot with things. sometimes he is a little to helpful... :)
Travis is doing well too, he is starting to sit up on his own a lot better. He loves his brother. everytime he sees carson he gets this big smile and laughs! I love it!!!
Well, that is about it. I will get some pictures on here later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

happy,sad, and everything in between.

Lance left 2 days ago, this morning he got on his flight to go to GA for his basic traning. I am so proud of him!!! I do miss him but I know that in the long run that this will be great for our family.
Carson is having kind of a hard time with Lance not being here but is getting use to it just being me. The first night Lance was gone he had a really hard time, I did too. I was okay untill bed time for Carson and he was walking around the house saying,"daddy!" I just didn't know what to do. I tryed to tell him that dad is not here and that he will not be here for a while but he just started to cry and all I could do was tell him it was okay and that I love him. Lance got him a book that he recorded his voice reading it and Carson loves it!
Travis is doing well. His surgey went great and he is recovering nicely. he is still a little young to know that dad is gone but I am counting that as a blessing right now. He is now 5 months old and weighs 16lbs!! I know 16 lbs!!! but he is also 25 inch long so he does not look really chunky.
And as for me....I am good.I am trying to keep myself busy and with two boys I don't think that will be to hard. lol well, I am done for now.