Tuesday, December 20, 2011

updates and more....

So, Travis had his sugery about 2 weeks ago now. He did awsome! and we had a great doctor! Dr. Muntz did a great job and thank you to Primary Childrens for everything! Travis is healing fine. he will be 3 months in 3 days!! and he is still a snuggle bug! I love that he is. My mom got him a bumbo, which I am so happy she did, He loves it!!We still have to have his arm splints on him so he does not bump his face and hurt himself of cause damage to the not healed stiches. But he does not mind the splints. he has one more sugery in about 3 months and after that he will be done!! I am glad it will all be done by the time he is 1.
Life right now is going great!
 Lance quit Mavarick, which is a great thing and now has a job at 5 buck pizza. He is loving working there. He leaves in 84 more days. we are tired of the waiting but it will be worth it!
Carson is well Carson... He got his door taken away from him a few days ago because Lance and I were tired of him kicking it so we took it away. He got it back on sunday night and has not kicked it since. hah yeah he was not sure what to do when we took it away. He is still being potty trained. it is kinda hard to think that in 15 days he will be 2!! I love him so much! He is such a good big brother and love being one. he has started this new thing where he is acting like a dog. I think it has to do with the fact that my mom has made our dog Dolly an inside dog and Carson just loves her.He is also talking more,well, when he wants to. I love that he says "love you." and blows kisses. that makes my day better.

And as for me well, I am good. I turn 22 in a January. Lance was saying to me and I quote,"Your old." yeah what every woman wants to hear from her husband..lol I know he was just joking. I love him and my growing family. I am so happy that I am a mom and a wife.Well, that is it for now. here are pictures of Travis sugery before and after.