Friday, November 25, 2011

tis the seasons

So, the holidays are here! Yesterday was great! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving made the Turkey and my dad helped make some of the other food like mashed yams and a greenbean cassrole. it was just so yummy. Carson loved the turkey and all the other food.
Lance is working still and Mavarick but also at Harbor Freight(again). he works graveyards at Mavarick and last night he told me that he got all the crazys that like to shop on black friday in there and that it was just not fun to work. I don't blame him.
I really can't beleive that Travis is 2 months old and is getting his sugery in 11 days, he has gotten so big. He is 23in and weights about 11lbs!! I seems like he is growing faster then Carson did. He also love to smile and to look around he is very alart.
Carson will be truning 2 soon. He is just the sweeties little thing.He loves to tell me he loves me and everyone else but the other day Travis was in his chair and Carson sat down and just started to play with him, talking to him and then gave Travis a kiss on the cheek and said"love you"  I am so happy that I have both of my boy they are just wonderful and i love them both. I also love that Carson can now tell me what he wants and is talking. I felt so bad for him about 3 weeks ago. His ear drum ruptured and it was so late at night we could not take him to see the doctor or even urgent care. But he was a little trooper.
Me well, I am doing what I do best, being a mother and a wife. I got to say I am so thankful that my amazing husband works to provid for us and is willing to do what it takes to make sure I do not have to work. I love being a stay at home mom. I am also very happy that I have lost all the pregnancy weight and then some.I just need to work on getting rid of the little tummy puch I have. But according to my husband I still look good.:)
Christmas is coming up. I am looking forward to it. it will be our last Christmas in Utah. and then next year who knows where we will be.well, I have pictures to put up. so here it goes.
here is dad in the kitchen
Our Thanksgiving dinner( well some of it)
Lance and Carson eating dinner.
Dad and Dalton
Travis sitting
Me, Lance thought it would be funny to take a picture like this and say the holidays brings out the worst in some people.
This is dad in the kitchen, we were getting the rest of dinner made to eat.
there will be more pictues to come but for now this is it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

busy busy and a little dizzy

I am a little amazed about how much energy Carson can have even when he is sick. Two Sat. days ago Carson's ear drum ruptured, the night before that he had been screaming, crying, and not sleeping and also pulling at his ear it was 11 so we knew we could not go to urgent care because they close at 10 and we thought he would be okay because we thought he only had an ear infection, well, yeah that morning when he woke up he was acting fine like nothing was wrong but I thought we needed to take him to the doctor so we took him and sure enough his ear drum had ruptured. I felt to bad for him. But all is well. I am just surprised that he was so energetic and acting like he was fine.
Travis was blessed on the 6th. Lance did a great job!! I am so thankful for him and my children. Travis is growing so fast I think he as to be more then 10lbs now!! which is not a bad thing, his surgery is not that far away. And he is getting taller.
Lance has been working graveyards at Maverick, he says its been okay not bad or anything but I still miss when he is not next to me at night, but I guess I need to get used to it because he is leaving and going to be gone for about 6 months. But it will all be good.
I am feeling good about myself, I fit back into most of my cloths and I am down to 118. But other then that my life is well, busy, but never in a bad way.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Loving every minute

So, Life as a mom with two children is going okay. It has it ups and downs but I am loving every minute of it! Carson loves being a big brother. He is talking more since Travis was born. It makes life a little easier when I know what he is wanting.
 Carson will be 22 months in 3 days, I really can't believe how big he has gotten.Time really does fly by. He is very curious about everything  and likes to do things by himself like carve his own pumpkin. I did help him guide his hand but for the most part he carved his own pumpkin this year.
Travis is now a little over 1 month  He is growing fast too. He is now about 10 lbs!!He is sleeping about 7 hours a night( when he does not have an upset tummy).Yesterday went to meet with the doctor that is going to be doing his surgery, we found out that Travis does have a soft palate cleft but not a bad one.He will be getting his first surgery on December 6. I am glad that Lance will be here with me for the surgery.
But life is good.
Lance turned 21 this past sat. for his birthday we went to see Puss in boots, it was an okay movie he really wanted to see it.He got a job today at Mavrick.
 Lance and I love being parents to two wonderful children. Well, that is it for now. I will post pictures later.