Saturday, April 23, 2011

somethings never go away

Easter is tomorrow, and I am watching the Ten Commandments movie that was made in 1956. Makes me think of when we would go to my Grandma Margarets house during this time and we always had to watch this movie. sigh but we had some good times. Like the time my brother Jared scared my grandmas cat so bad that the cat hid the rest of the day from him. haha. But I was thinking today as my little brother wrote his talk for sunday about the atonement what Easter really is about. I am so greatful to our Savior that he suffered for my sins. And I know that I am never alone he is always there.I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and to remember what it is really about. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

in the army now

So, Yesterday was great! Lance is now in the Army! yep swarn in and everything he is leaving for basic in October which means he will get to be here for the birth of our new child. I am really happy about that. and better yet he is doing Unmanned aerial vehicles opperater. Which he is way excited about. things are going great!
We also got Carson a toddler bed today!! we were thinking he needs to be in a big boy bed now. and he likes it as far as we know.But life is going great.