Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So we now have a new member of our family, Travis Bradly Williams was born on September 23, 2011 he weighed 7lb 5oz and 19in long. We are very happy to have him here. Carson is a great big brother! he loves Travis a lot, the only time he gets a little jealous is when I need to feed Travis. Other then that he is doing I think very well.I feel very blessed to have both of my children and that both are healthy.
Lances last day at Harbor Freight is tomorrow, he is kind of happy about that. He leaves in 21 more days. Times seems to be flying by so fast. I am glad that he will have a few days to spend with Travis,Carson, and my self. Well, I am sure you all would like to see some pictures of Travis and Carson so here they are.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where has the time gone?

11 more days till my due date, I am getting more excited everyday! So is Lance. Lance has 11 days left at Harbor Feright too, he is glad that he will be done with that job, it has paid for the bills and what not but he will be happy to be moving on to better and bigger things. We got everything that he will be taking to basic with him it is not much because he is going to be getting most of the things he needs there. But as of today he has 29 more days.We are just getting everything in place so when he does leave we don't have to worry about to much.
Carson is growing up so fast! he loves the show Blue's Clues. When they say note book Carson likes to say note! I think it is really cute! He is also loves saying hi and waving to everyone. Well, not much going on other then this.

Monday, September 12, 2011

life and all its messys

So, this morning I woke up to Carson playing in his room all nice and quite, it was nice not to have him pound on the door, Lance had work at 6 so he got up at 5 in doing so woke me up. I didn't mind but I went back to sleep and Carson woke up around 6:30ish I just let him play till about 7. When I walked into his room it was a sight to see.... poop everywhere. yep he has a blowout and tryed to take his own diaper off and well, there was just a great mess for me to pick up. Mind you the night before I was sick, but you know all I keep thinking about was," it could have been worse." I throw away his book Each Peach Pare Plum, it is one of Carson favorites but you know there are just some thing that you can't get clean. but in all this morning has not been that bad it can only get better. I hope.
Last week was a good week, I love my husband!! for our anniversary he got me a new camera, and it is amazing! he told me now I can get more pictures to send to him when he is got at basic and AIT. when he told me that I felt happy but a little sad at the same time. We both think that this will be good for our family and we know it is not going to be easy but we are ready for what is to come. He loves to take pictures on the camera and he is good at taking pictures too! I will put some of them up at the end of this.
Other then all that I am now 37 weeks, I am hoping to go into labor soon not only because I am feeling like I am done being pregnant but also I want Lance to have as much time with both of his boys before he leaves.but I know when he is ready to come he will.  Well, I am off to go on a walk with Carson and then who knows what. here are the pictures.
 Carson loves Sundays, this is him before church.
 Talking on the phone with dad.
 I love this picture! Lance took it on one of our walks, I just think it is so pretty
My puzzle I did in 2 days I thought it was pretty awsome.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 years...

Lance and I have been married for 2 years as of this past Monday! and what a great two years it have been. I mean we have a wonderful little boy and another one on the way( I hope soon :) ) and tomorrow we will be sealed for a year! I feel so blessed to have him in my life. Even though our anniversary  was not the most romantic it was still a good one. I love my husband!
other then that life is well, going good. 2 weeks ago my sisters came out to see my little brother give his farewell talk in church. Yep his is in the MTC and serving a mission. I am really proud of him. I was so happy to see my sisters  and their children! it was nice to get to see them and see how life was going for them.