Friday, February 17, 2012


Things are going pretty good. Lance has lost weight and is looking better everyday. He leaves in about 24 more days.We are both ready for this to get going.
 Carson is still himself, he has his 2 year checkup a few days ago and he is 23lbs with out his shoes on and 26 with his shoes on, so we just keep the shoes on. lol but yep he is growing and doing good.I do have to say I am not liking the Taribble  twos so much....:( but it will be with it in the end.
Travis gets his last surgery on the 6th of March we are glad it will all be done. He now weighs about 14lbs and is 26in long!! he is a big boy. but I think that it is a good thing. I love that he is such a happy little guy. even when he had the  ear infections he was still pretty happy.
Lance got in a car accident yesterday. He was rear ended on the freeway. He is fine but our is another story. our car still runs but it is looking like it is just done.It has been a good car for us the past 3 years.I am just glad Lance is okay and that we have insurance.
Valentines days was GREAT!!! Lance and I went to the temple, I was so glad we got to go!!! after that he surprised me with chocolate and some sparkling cider. it was GREAT!! I think I have the best husband ever!! he is just the best!! well, this is all I have for now. I will keep posting I have not been to good at that this past month.