Thursday, April 12, 2012

one month down.and 41 more days....

Lance has been gone one whole month now. only 41 more days till I get to see him graduate!! I am so happy for him. I did get to talk to him on monday he called me!! I was so happy I just about cryed.It was so nice to hear his voice. I do get letters from him which are nice but nothing beats hearing him say I love you. I am just blessed so have a husband like him! I do get to see pictures of what he is doing, Mrs. G. made a facebook page and keeps us updated on how the soliders are doing at basic and what they are doing that week. I am so greatful for it!
Other then Lance being gone things here are well, pretty okay. Carson is starting to get better about Lance being away, still misses him a lot and asks for daddy but is doing better.I printed a pictures off for him to have with him and he keeps it by his pillow at night and gives it kisses saying daddy miss you.or love you. It makes me smile.Travis loves seeing Lances I show him pictures of him and say its daddy and he just gets a big smile and laughs. I love it!!!
Me I am doing better, it is still hard to sleep at night without him there.But I hope that soon I can get use to it and sleep. I write to him every other day. but anyways this is about it. well, till I post again have a great day!

I love this so I just wanted to post it!!

A Soldier

There is discipline in a soldier you can see it when he walks, There is honor in a soldier you hear it when he talks. There is courage in a soldier you can see it in his eyes, ... There is loyalty in a soldier that he will not compromise. There is something in a soldier that makes him stand apart, There is strength in a soldier that beats from his heart. A soldier isn't a title any man ...can be hired to do, A soldier is the soul of that man buried deep inside of you. A soldier's job isn't finished after an 8-hour day or a 40-hour week, A soldier is always a soldier even while he sleeps. A soldier serves his country first and his life is left behind, A soldier has to sacrifice what comes first in a civilian's mind. If you are civilian -I am saying this to you... Next time you see a soldier remember what they do. A soldier is the reason our land is 'Home of the free', A soldier is the one that is brave protecting you and me. If you are a soldier -I am saying this to you... Thank god for every soldier Thank god for what you do.

by Ty Bohls
Submitted by David Rafferty