Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life is GREAT!! Lance and I are loving the army lifestyle. he loves his job and that just makes me happy to see him come home and be happy.
Carson is potty trained and I am loving it!! it is nice to not have to change his diaper along with Travis's anymore.He is making lots of new friends out here and loves to run and play all the time. He is also talking a lot more....sometimes it is not such a good thing. the other night I was upstairs cleaning the kids bathroom after getting Carson and Travis bathed and teeth brushed, and put to bed. I heard them jumping on Travis bed and Carson heard me and said to Travis,"SHHHH, moms coming." yeah made me laugh so I opened the door and Carson sprints to his bed and pretends he is asleep and Travis is just giggleing. I love my boys!
Travis is growing so fast, he is walking and talking now. I really can't believe it!! He loves to copy everything that Carson does. Makes me laugh. They are my little monstars sometimes.He is very much a mommys boy. But loves when he gets to see daddy.
Lance is doing wonderful. He loves his job! Even though he has to get up at 5 or early for work everyday he still loves it.
Me, williams #3 is due on May 13th yep we are having another one!! :) I am excited and Carson is too. I love it! I am really liking the army. Fort Polk is..... growing on me. I love living in LA it is nice weather and people are nice here. I am meeting a lot of new people and more army wifes.
Well, other then that life is going well and we are doing great! I will post pictures of our home and everything else later.